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Gucci and the beginning of spring, white suits for the men’s clothing design elements, dark case grain with among them, the head of the panama hat to join this season for Gucci, the women’s clothing set the tone of the leisure. Then one nbfdjklgvb of the different color suit debut, tie-in with Frida Giannini and her design team carefully creation printing and adornment necklace. In addition to the capable sets buy gucci handbags besides, fleeciness printing short skirt is also show the Lord of the design, the sleeve and skirt place the big volume with fluffy line, in the model of more elegant gait sexy make public. In addition the khakis with the close-fitting clipping jerkin coat with gold buttons, Gucci girl even out does not forget to dress up luxuriant sexy. And each must appear jacket on the material more luxurious, all kinds of rare material rotated. The backpack shoulders with the same dash forward show its practical, movement of the details make the design interest is very. Then late outfit USES robe, design style, blue, green and purple gucci outlet locations become colour advocate tone, Frida Gianni also in evening skirt increased the pocket and recreational style of whole fusion properly. Contracted and costly it is the designer Frida Giannini Gucci esteem the characteristics. In the 2011 years of clothing on the tour, the most eye-catching is he adopted the smooth fabric of the creation of simple but costly masterpiece, the absolute is fashion lady of the wardrobe essential modern high-quality goods. Tailor the outline design cutting body close-fitting, like the second skin light up the cheap gucci handbags body, in addition, sports element details of the design for this masterpiece bring more dynamic. For example, the cool hot pants, zipper dress, inspired by scuba diving design jacket, tight spandex shorts, mostly design there are net embedded layer. 2011 Gucci launched the latest image catalogue, with elegant classic gentleman wearing man is a blueprint, make a series of clothing which also contains the suit, travel series goods, cortex coat, tannin trousers, etc. And among them travel series to classic double G LOGO created cloth grain of luggage, in this catalog of it is rather difficult to make people forget, top luxury, with delicate do manual work is travelling bag with large capability. 11 years gucci sale 2011 with the club of qiu dong GUCCI luxuriant atmosphere. Harmony and the vanguard color restoring ancient ways is qiu dong men’s clothing clearly influenced by gucci 80 s New Wave infection, the design director of Frida Giannin contemporary electronic music and rock music from the “double” impact the world of unruly agitate play in attitude. Suit version to a “small but party” shoulder line, pants, discounts and narrow tube type low fork, and with silk or cortical tie that lead overall style dress. Design and color, dot with textured or case grain of Hun silk spinning to foil a bright color department cotton shirt. Contrast with bright purple black or intense blue thick, black and white and geometric figure color piece is another kind of sharp contrast.

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