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The day the dress contrast to Gucci design concepts for fundamental key. With black and white color buttons with the suit seems orthodox fritillary, extremely slender clipping, gules ornament and exaggerated grid figure design also nbfdjklgvb add some against the traditional meaning. From the geometric pattern and agile clipping, the whole series 50 s with the element. Today season of men’s clothing of the gucci bags outlet cotton, by Gucci cotton and silk and gentle material, men can be in the warm atmosphere under the sun all exhibit good or bad side. 11 chun xia GUCCI bag shoes to home badge with design and color Logo and apparel fabrics as creative. This is closely GUCCI08 springsummer dress and launched a new one of the accessories, the creative director FridaGiannini chosen home as adornment badge brand. Fashionable material and modelling and classic Gucci escutcheons metal badge contrast. The early 50 s, GuccioGucci first launched escutcheons emblem design, draw with luggage, delimit knights in armor warrior, XiangWenYi Renaissance royal harness business Gucci family legend deeds salute. Warriors of the roses and DuoLun above, a symbol of meticulous process and the family enterprise authority. Shield cheap gucci items emblem is an early form of brand Gucci mark, used in the handbag inside and the directions; Today, the mark of the design of the modern join again, with metal decorate pattern found in series of Hysteria. The Gucci escutcheons badge brought not only strong visual result, and also marks the Gucci rich history and bright future. Gucci HYSTERIA series debut, popular element a snare “This series of handbags deduce a kind of cold contradiction temperament, and this season of clothing style is very cooperate.” Giannini explained. “This series with dark and mysterious, but at the same time nobility sexy.” Large buy gucci online bag body extremely soft and luxuriant, each design are deduced from the delicate unique fashion style. The whole series have six different styles, beautiful and by the material of soft and light is an aptitude for one. The handbag with various different appearance design, large capacity and broad space, plus the rare deserve to act the role of such as large Gucci escutcheons metal badge ACTS the role of nails, times add fashion. Giannini elaborate design color design, match with a number of different material, make the whole series of youthful fashionable breath. Gucci HYSTERIA series debut, popular element a snare Gucci creative director FridaGiannini break through the traditional rules, creates a series of bright lines, the elegance gucci fanny pack of the image Hysteria handbags. Giannini also provide Gucci escutcheons metal badge ACTS the role of nails, make whole series more attain perfect. From 1950 s’s emblem, describes the heave shield, take baggage knight, and rose and DuoLun representatives style and family enterprise a symbol of power. Hysteria series of six types of appearance composition, from streamline modelling to flat, and the material of the soft and light, all wide in design, large capacity, has contemporary feeling extremely.

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