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Gucci 2011 qiu dong men’s clothing show absolute can let a person shine at the moment, although they also go is brunet cool male line, but nbfdjklgvb don not drab and boring, Gucci wallet 2011 qiu dong men’s clothing of bold EHuang, blue, red and fluorescence classic black and white case. Good gucci outlet stores clipping, classic match colors, fine detail, costly material, and let people see the truly great wind model. Colloid button nailing the paint of bright skin carry snakeskin hand caught. Shoulder bag with and the multi-function backpack. Crocodile skin, a layer of paint on the skin bright skin, light bread used the brush color present as the ancient effect. Horse leather belt boots, margin pointed paint bright skin loafers compose have tassel, otherwise geometry mirror the dinner with leather shoes. Gucci to released in the spring of 2011 “RTW” series, by brand famous designer Frida Giannini palm and gucci messenger bags fashioned, very rich, including the modern style of exercise selfcontrol coat, leather jacket, even the conventional accessories also to restore ancient ways design and elaborate design color photograph foil. It is understood that the series of creative inspiration from Brazil, building great master meyer (Oscar Niemeyer) in the middle of the last century designed by a series of outstanding works, he is Latin America modern architecture leaders of the Renaissance, the works not only has the image of the modern gucci bags discount socialist characteristics, and at the same time, with strong individual style–curve shape. Gucci creative director Frida fashion career As creative director of Gucci, Frida Giannini holds the old Italian fashion brand’s fate. Tom Ford in after the design throne succeeded, and Not easy, but with her creative Giannini, sensitive, feminine qualities for brand development in addition to a new land.Some called FridaGiannini for “female knight”, because she and the strong Gucci empire, with all sorts of so-called “than women know more about women” is the man of the design T fight, please demanding consumers. But she said she is more like a “survivor”. Five years ago, she looks like a rich Italian housewife. The 37-year-old FridaGiannini visit Shanghai last month. A blonde hair, big black sunglasses, thin, ultra gucci purse outlet high heels, The traditional love of flowery tight narrow impression of the Italian modelling modern women, more like a stroll down fifth avenue practical New Yorker. Gucci creative directorFrida fashion career as Gucci empire “and Gucci woman, although to keep the brave and strong, but aggressive but do not say to go up is how good product The quality, the woman can’t always get too tough side appeared. “She said of her design, also seemed to say.

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