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For the 2011 qiu dong, GUCCI Frida Giannini creative director submitted a modern electronic wind series. This series is not easily compromise nbfdjklgvb with the style and fashion icon characters-Tina Chow (1951-1992 DE th, gem stylist half-blood models) for inspiration foundation, hair to from a twinkling s charm. Frida Giannini brings gucci wallet spring series seems a bit difficult to categorize. Stylist keenly absorbed this one gucci replica season popular element of 50 s-in the style of the big, wide robe, black skirt paint accessories, and also in this series with the practical new Frida type trousers (hip hip flexor wide, before the narrow leg pants), childish plaid skirt and slightly weird short motorcycle jacket. Among them, the most conspicuous is a black jacket snakeskin locomotive, handsome and do not break charm. But, the conference is not perfect and flawless. Designers will be black, white and dazzling sunflower yellow collocation are together, wantonly used in dress and corsage, so the printing design appear too exaggeration and abstract. At the same time, the conference is not reasonable starting order gucci replica handbags clothing, clothing modelling much repetition. Evening dress is GUCCI’s climax, Giannini will dress up the wide belt, and bold use horses bit chain fixed thick shoulder straps, but a little taste of the sauce is better than the fish, cut the dress itself charm. Look, the young Giannini or a little bit too pushy. In contrast, recently released GUCCI Resort on vacation than the conference series more successful, coherent, so when the two series listed together after, GUCCI sales still won’t let anyone down it. The recession is economic wind restoring ancient ways will become more violent blow GUCCI fall 2009 women’s clothing series inspired by the 1980 s fashion ZhouTianNa MUSES (Tina Chow). That’s right, be that will relieve jing is colourful jing to chin all will fall down temperament supermodel, also was gucci handbags replica Karl Lagerfeld (Karl Lagerfeld) just assumed the Chanel period of inspiration one of Samuel company. Women’s clothing series 2009 fall gucci very dramatic and the stage effect, the decorated with the small suit quite stick shoulder pads and clinking, sleeves contraction of than ever more tightly, hem getting shorter, complementary with luxuriant metal color is very conspicuous. Dot and geometrical design coat whether the small suit or a wide belt is only on, an extension of the effect and loose shoulder line outline the whole hip form contrast will make you look very slim clear. Stretching to ham boot, covered with metal sequins jacket with a high sense of small formal attire of inclined shoulder, this one season as a high profile of gucci.

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