What Changes Will Be Brought by Microsoft and Google

While Apple’s iPad remains the lodestar at the center of the tablet universe, Microsoft and Google are aiming at its opposite ends. Of those two, Microsoft’s strategy looks like the one to get more excited about. From the above, we know that development continuous adjustment and changes. To some degree, the cone crusher industry should adjust the different strategies to adapt the need of the continuous changing market.
Google is going cheap, Microsoft high-end. The seven-inch, $199 Nexus 7 tablet from the search giant, released Wednesday, is set to duke it out for the bottom end of the market with Amazon.com’s identically sized and priced Kindle Fire. Thus far, price has been the only way rivaltablets have been able to take market share away from the iPad-which commanded 63% share in the first quarter, according to Strategy Analytics. Cheaper Android tablets had 32%. So, in that sense, Google is playing it safe.
But Microsoft’s Surface-at least the more expensive of its two versions-may be able to carve out its own niche when released late this year or early next year. With a clever keyboard on the flipside of its magnetic cover, ports for connecting other devices and, crucially, compatibility withenterprise applications including Microsoft Office, it is the first crossover tablet that could fullyreplace a laptop.
Granted, Microsoft has a challenge to attract content and apps to its platform. But if it can do so, it may be able to flip the ‘bring-your-own-device’ trend that has so many corporate workers bringing iPads to the office. Instead, they may bring the Surface home. Going higher-end also means Microsoft would dodge a potential threat to Amazon and Google. If, as is possible, Apple releases a cheaper, smaller iPad, the bottom of the market could gravitate its way as well.

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