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However, this is just a small alley, Krieger, find a circle and did not find when the weapons of some kind, at a time when men nike shox r4 two more soldiers to kill the assassin. Impatient Krieger looked up, eyes was light – new Nuo Like the city is the Empire Centre, prices much higher than the next place, there will be many people lease shall not shelter, had to sleep on the streets – the city that large areas of the shed, but is designed to provide these people with the In civilian areas, like the walls of the alley, also insert wooden stick along the wall branch of the shed … Only leap the Krieger hugged sized thick wooden stick plugged into the wall, two pedal Wall, the body force, screaming, actually looks that wood from the wall at the break – that wood is the original branch will be only one high, Krieger landing was not injured, but the more root sized thick, one guy. Dian Ledian the weight of the hands of the stick, Krieger roar, raised men nike shox oz wooden sticks straight into an assassin blew down. That the assassin is one of the soldiers pushed to dead ends, seeing is the knife Lesch, but suddenly heard the sound of the wind, looked up, when I saw a shadow fall, still too late to dodge, to be called strong. A stick would be unfortunate labeled as a soft sticky mass of ponderous, Krieger is no stay in the change to drop for the next sweep, direct push back several assassins. An assassin dodge a wooden stick down the middle sweep, severely knocked in the wall of a scarlet human form, and the other trying to rushing while Krieger stick hit the wall, gave Krieger by a stick in the wall rebound the momentum Yigun will head to play such a rotten watermelon. This time the soldiers finally can go back together – look, if not together, the Nuo Like soldiers men nike shox agent is no power. A big stick mix, a dozen assassins are stunned, then immediately rushed to embrace her once again enjoy the fun – that stick too coarse too long, is the strength of Krieger waving is not easy, once nearly the body … Krieger and then roar to step back and recover the wooden poles aligned to a fierce assassin of a poke – I do not know to be scared silly, or want a partner to gain time, that the assassin actually took machetes pixiang wooden sticks. Have to say, the assassin with the knife is definitely a good knife – under this split, the entire blade embedded itself in a wooden stick the front end, leaving only a small fraction of tip exposed, as to the wooden sticks on Tim down thorns. However, this is completely unable to stand in the way kriging attack – a stick ado, the assassin %

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