XingBang stone crusher innovation technology promotion premise

XingBang stone crusher innovation technology promotion premiselinear vibrating sieve, mining vibrating screen were optimized to more economical Tags: economic and jaw crusher energy-saving straight-line shaker mine shaker design release time :2011-05-09 linear vibrating sieve, mining vibrating screen after optimization design more economical linear shaker (mining shaker) are widely used in coal preparation, beneficiation electricity, light industry, chemical industry, nonferrous metals and other industrial sectors, fine-grained materials wet and dry screening, dewatering, de-mediated off the mud.Advanced, rugged, noise Rock crushers and vibration, easy maintenance.  Shaker used in many fields and industries, the scope is very wide.But by the long-term analysis and observation of the Technology Department staff, the equipment in some detail, there are certain technical problems.For example, some vibration sieve to obtain the necessary particle size distribution, production and recycling of materials, there are certain problems.To this end, specially set up a technical team, a careful statistical analysis and design transformation of some of the existing series models.After the transformation, a large number of critical technical information, After transformation, the practice results also confirmed that the latest technology to produce good economic benefits, saving the cost of equipment maintenance, reducing the workload of maintenance personnel.Specific improvements are as follows: most of the coal preparation plant sieve is the traditional structure of sieve, use the following defects.  A sieve hole by the cylindrical wear into the inverted truncated cone-shaped sieve material in the work embedded in the difficult to pass through within the sieve, which plugs sieve, sieve through the screening rate of only 68% strictly a sieve classification and effects of dehydration.  Wear or loosening of a bolt fixed sieve plate sieve vibration periodically around the song, and kept playing screen beams, so that the sieve fatigue fracture or vibration to open welding.  The transformation of selection of the sieve from the foregoing, the steel structure the sieve vulnerable and easy to plug the steel sieve with strong rigidity.Can choose the steel skeleton of polyurethane rubber sieve instead of steel bonded sieve, dealt with gently.The advantages are as follows.  1, the steel skeleton of the sieve cast polyurethane rubber, exposed, give full play to the performance of polyurethane elastomers, sieve, sieve beam implement flexible links in the sieve plate and sieve beam timing, the first bolt preload, the formation of self- lock, thus ending the loosening of the sieve.  2, the polyurethane rubber sieve in the sieve vibration process, the surface can produce secondary vibration, self cleaning of the sieve, without clogging the sieve.  3, the polyurethane is between the rubber and plastics sub-compounds, the Fly Ash Dryer wear resistance of manganese steel, 3 to 4 times.The strength of rubber 3 to 5 times.The sieve anti-wear, Flexing, long service life, lighter weight.  1800 mining shaker beam structure transformation, and a reasonable selection of the sieve shaker drag ways to improve the life of the polyurethane rubber sieve up to 40 months or more, than the original steel sieve life expectancy 10 times, sieve hole through the screening rate from 68% to more than 95%.Changed to dual-motor drag will drag the shaker by a single motor, more reliable, make a V-belt replacement time from 2h reduced to 1min, and the pulley is difficult to damage, to avoid the need to replace the pulley disassembly excited heavy vibration and complex about 4h of labor.Through the transformation, saving nearly 32 million in equipment maintenance costs, and improve the screening effect, and achieved good economic benefits.  Linear vibration screening with Notes: a linear shaker | mining vibrating screen single-layer screen and double screen of Fly Ash Dryer two kinds.  2, linear shaker | mining vibrating screen structure slit screen, woven mesh, such as the choice of punching sieve or rubber sieve plate can be designed.  3, jaw crusher the linear shaker | the mining shaker foundation bolts owned by the user.  4 for the selection of the feed box, users are subject to order requirements can supply.  Original source :/.Reproduced, please indicate the source.More shaker information to make the country prosperous by Henan Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. to provide you with.Previous data show that economic growth is slowing down, ensuring people are the focus of a power shortage, the the Fujian majority of silicon metal mining area appear “absenteeism”

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